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Why Identity Theft Professionals? Why Choose Us?

Your identity is much more than just your personal information. It’s everything you’ve worked for; your home, your career, your family, your finances, your health, your business, your reputation, and everything that matters most to you. It’s your life, and to us, it doesn’t get any more personal than protecting it. Why? Because we’re people with identities too.


Web Scanning

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We use our powerful servers to search the web to find any of your personal information.

Removal of Personal Info

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After Searching for your personal and sensitive data and information on the web we find and remove all instances of it.

Customer Support

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We are always here to help! Contact us anytime with any questions and we will get back to you promptly.
With new websites gathering personal information, people looking for all of your personal information might be just a keystroke away. Watch this video by CBN News to learn a little bit more about these dangerous websites.

Virginia Is Now Above The National Average in Reported Identity Theft Crimes

-WVTF July 11, 2018

Identity theft is on the rise in Virginia, which now has a rate of reported crimes higher than the national average. 

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Worst states for Cybersecurity

-The Journal Times July 16, 2018

Your data is under constant attack from hackers. Unless you take steps to protect your information, you’re at high risk. The residents of some states are less vigilant than others.

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Bank details for sale on Google

-DailyMail July 22, 2018

Hackers are offering full ID including your phone number and Pin for as little as $4. Have you had your details stolen?

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